iSPIRT Foundation is a technology think and a do tank run by passionate volunteers who are devoted to making our country into a hub for new generation software products.

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If you are passionate about making India a ProductNation, watch this to learn if iSPIRT volunteering is right for you. This session covers some of the available volunteer opportunities and tells you how to engage with us.

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Below are some open challenges for new volunteers

  1. Underwriting Models for Cash Flow Lending
    Shift from underwriting an entity to underwriting a business transaction
  2. Open Credit Enablement Network (Performance)
    High Availability & Performance across multiple parties
  3. Real-Time Pledge Registry
    Preventing Double Financing & Over-indebtedness
  4. Capital Allocation for Cash Flow Loans
    Growing a Cash Flow Loan Book
  5. Multi-Party Dispute Resolution
    Real-Time resolution of disputes across multiple parties
  6. Paperless & Presenceless
    Going completely digitalGoing completely digital eKYC- How does a business entity LLP/Sole-Proprietorship/Partnership digitally authenticate themselves and prove their identity. Both people and the entity itself. Useful for third-party engagement.
  7. New Use-Cases of DEPA (Agri, Private Data)Data Empowerment Protection Architecture
    Use cases for financial sectors and Agriculture sectors. How would users interact with the same.
  8. OCEN Technical StandardsOCEN is an open API for cash-flow credits. Placing technical systems
  9. Paladin Project (Digital Practice for Doctors)
    Digital first practice for doctors - physical practice to digital only practice beyond telemedicine using health stack
  10. Knowledge Grid for Para workers
    Sharing of tacit knowledge for upskilling ASHA workers
  11. Mother Dairy Project
    Health Stack Narrative for 10x value for patients who predominantly rely on out-of-pocket expenses - dramatic improvement in healthcare experience
  12. NeoDocs:
    1. Part A: How do we get all health records in the country digitised and machine readable?
    2. Part B: How can we drive adoption of usage of digitised personal health records by Doctors in the clinical setting
  13. Plumbing of Health Stack
    1. Drug Registry: Open registry for drugs
    2. Claims Engine: Streamline the insurance payments from payers to healthcare facilities
  14. Economic Framework for Digital Public Infrastructure (AA, PHR, LSP)
    Develop the profit model for all market participants
  15. Wireless Access Network Interface (WANI) Ecosystem Buildout
    Get market players involved in building out the WANI infrastructure; we want Indian startups to win
  16. Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN) Ecosystem Buildout
    Help market players embrace OCEN across many market segments
  17. Open Health Services Network (OHSN) Ecosystem Buildout
    Help market players leverage OHSN to driven non-linear growth in telemedicine volumes
  18. Maps Ecosystem Buildout - Map Liberalization
    Help new market players build map 3.0 services and seek category leadership
  19. Digital Sky Ecosystem Buildout
    Help drone players leverage Digital Skyle to grow drone flights dramatically

If you are interested in any of the above areas please fill this form.


Volunteer Handbook

The volunteer model that underpins iSPIRT has been around since 2009. Our Volunteer Handbook tells you how this volunteer model works and how to be a great volunteer.

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