iSPIRT Foundation is a technology think and a do tank run by passionate volunteers who are devoted to making our country into a hub for new generation software products.

Be part of building for Bharat

If you are passionate about making India a ProductNation, watch this to learn if iSPIRT volunteering is right for you. This session covers some of the available volunteer opportunities and tells you how to engage with us.

Volunteer Forms

Below are some open challenges for new volunteers. Please watch the balloon volunteering session videos before filling out the form.

  • Credall
  • IDEA (DEPA Market Collective)
  • AA. Account Aggregator
  • PHR Business Model
  • DEPA 3.0
  • OCEN
  • GST Sahay
  • E-RUPI
  • UHI-Telemedicine
  • Sangam Retreat
  • WeSpirt
  • gSaaS for Mar-tech

If you are interested in any of the above areas please fill this form.


Volunteer Handbook

The volunteer model that underpins iSPIRT has been around since 2009. Our Volunteer Handbook tells you how this volunteer model works and how to be a great volunteer.

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iSPIRT Playground CODA

We call ourselves 30-year architects for India’s hard problems. The critical insight to a 30-year journey of success is that it requires one to be able to work with and grow the ecosystem, rather than grow itself.

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